Details of Wellness Centre and Polyclinic at CGHS, Jaipur.

Name of Wellness Centre Address Telephone No.
CGHS W.C. No.1 1st Floor, Chandan Mahal, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur 0141-2329927
CGHS W.C. No.2 B-121, Janta Colony, Jaipur. 0141-2610412
CGHS W.C. No.3 Q.No.203, A.G.Colony, Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur. 0141-2710084
CGHS W.C. No.4 D-143/A-2, Kaushalya Path, Basant Marg, Banipark, Jaipur. 0141-2207708
CGHS W.C. No.5 Income Tax Colony, Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur. 0141-2743263
CGHS W.C. No.6 G.S.I. Colony, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. 0141-2755732
CGHS W.C. No.7 Custom and Central Excise Colony, Sector 7, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur. 0141-2335850
CGHS W.C. Ajmer Ajmer Head Post Office P.R Marg Ajmer. 0145-2432740
CGHS W.C. Jodhpur HPO Building station road, Jodhpur. 0291-2431340
CGHS W.C. Kota Behind aakash mall, Aerodrum Circle, Kota. 0744-2948001
CGHS Polyclinic Ground Floor, A.G.Colony, Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur 0141-2710021

Timings of Wellness Centre and Polyclinic:

All working days from 7.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. with no Lunch Hours.

Timings of Pathology Lab.:

Collection of Samples from 7.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. X-Ray timings from 7.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Timings of Registration:

The registration is closed 15 minutes before the scheduled closing time of Wellness Centre. However no serious patient is returned back unattended in the Wellness Centre.

Timings of issue of CGHS Card:

At Office of the Additonal Director in all working days from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Lunch Hours from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.



Last Updated : 05-Aug-2022
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